Do your special words match your partners? Mine apparently never did

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A general ramble and personal processing update of my own trauma

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My daughter's birthday is coming and my ex is making it all about them

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Buying a new house has a lot of issues, but this felt like a bit much...

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I have had a hell of a life lately. I think I may be back now tho...

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The titles say it all.

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Sick husband, busy mom, many things coming up. Plus our building may face an unplanned rent increase.

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The Try Guys, Women, Politics and more. It's all about respect.

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In laws, Mother's Day, Matriarchal society and what I want of the world my son grows into.

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My 1st with Dax here to celebrate....so I feel "official" now. 

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He really is growing up too fast for my tastes....

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America isn't about hatred and seperation. Please don't elect a defacto klan member as our president.

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Long post, but includes a call from the time suck I call Ruth.

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Been gone awhile...sorry. Here's the update.

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The people I'm thankful for and why. Also why I find many ironies in this season.

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The holiday season madness and my birthday.....

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You RE-learn things about yourself every day once you become a parent.

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The news has taken on a new dimension of sadness and I now feel obligations I didn't before....

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He's on thin ice as it is, but will he finally plummet through to the depths of "I'm done with this."??

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You can love each other all you want, but one of you is a better parent to a newborn. It's easy to get snarky....

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The genius of Rodenberry and the way I've showed my love for my first born and sci-fi.

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He came almost 5 days earlier than expected and it turns out he was a he...

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I sent Sam off on his annual beach day with the boys and a big cooler full of food to share. I'm enjoying the air conditioning and the cute of my pets.

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Another historic day in the advancement of true equality.

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The reason Babies-R-Us has lost my money, why Ruth can be a pain, and a close relative who is being a complete and total asshat for no reason.

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8 months pregnant. The pets are bonding even more. I also have a serious rule for any relatives dumb enough to make the baby's gender their priority.

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An ambush visit from my sister, that never came to pass....and the 8 days of stress that must go along with it.

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A long post, covering my first Mother's Day, why cut flowers suck, how my dad handles having grand kids, and our upcoming babymoon.

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I'm the freak who isn't panicked about being a new mom, so I answer Sam's questions. Also, my mom's home made stuffing is like CRACK!!

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The question of will they or won't they move...has been answered. It opens up a different kettle of fish though.

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A general update on the busy life I lead and thoughts on religion, faith, tatoos, and teaching equality.

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Pregnancy (weel 24), moving house, and the ways I've started informing people that they annoy the hell out of me.

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The ways in which this doesn't scare me and how Sam seems to be dealing with it.

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Farewell to Leonard Nimoy from a fan and "honorary" grandchild.

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The holiday came and went in a blur of food. SNL40 was both good and bad in certain ways. The big plug here is please go to youcaring.com and search #KOKOtheDog to help out our guy Rizzo's best friend in the world, Ms. Koko

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These may take a while to cover...

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Some of it is unwanted.

Most of it is unsolicited.

Almost none of it is useful.

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I have a lot to cover, so I hope you've got a while to listen....

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I'm no conspiracy theorist, but you know Sony was playing you all, right?

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Thanksgiving came and went. Now the next major to do is upon us.

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Thanksgiving is coming!

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It was a busy, food filled week......

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I've been cat called more than once and it pisses me off every single time.

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It is rude, offensive, vulgar, and a clear act of disrespect towards BOTH OF US for you to behave in such a way. Cut it the EFF out!

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This wasn't one of my better mornings. Here are my resulting thoughts on the matter.

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Sam allowed me to record one of our easier talks before he left for work. This shows you what I consider a good marrital exchange.

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Still having laptop issues. Sorry for the roughness of this post. I'm working on having it fixed soon.

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Thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams

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Life has gotten in my way... apologies

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It has been a month of birthdays and vacation stops and driving a car that should have tried a little bit harder to kill us...

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Apologies for being gone so long. Watch the new @wilw show on @syfy on Tuesdays. It's amazing!

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Finished @RobLowe second book and loved it! Also, had a root canal....

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A lot of changes going on and a lot of personal reflection has to happen.

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Only perception changes as I get older...

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There is only so much you can do about some things. And there is only so long you can stand the sound of a drill in your mouth...

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This has been one of those days that shows how much can be accomplished if you dont hesitate and just trust your gut more...

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Age is really only a number, but you can be labeled "disabled" at any age. I know, because I was....

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This post includes quite back music, so I hope it plays well.

This month we have my father-in-law's birthday which IS Valentine's Day. Been a busy month!

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Happy Lupercalia! I've been super busy with family events this month, so forgive me? I'll be recording and posting on Monday.

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There are many words we think of as sad or somber. Here, I share my somber thoughts on a sad word that was said to me about 5 months ago...

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I finished watching the Super Bowl and Sam wasn't interested in the game at all....

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Here I share some thoughts on the Super Bowl, pervasive American culture, and food.

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This is mostly a tester podcast to see if I know how to use my new software.

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